Thursday, December 19, 2013

The End of the Adventure?

It appears that my six-year adventure of dressing as Dani may be coming to an end sometime before May of 2014.

Last night, the wife announced that, due to some changes in her company, it is highly likely that she will be doing the vast majority of her work from home beginning May 1. Essentially, she would be telecommuting. That means my opportunities to dress (which must happen when she is out of the house for a substantial period of time) will be severely limited.

The question becomes, what do I do? At the moment, I am considering paring Dani's wardrobe down to a few favorite outfits (perhaps a dozen or so) and maybe six to eight pairs of shoes to go with them. I would close the storage locker where I currently keep most of the clothing and move the chosen few to a secure area here at the house (the place I currently keep the outfits I've picked out for wearing over the next few weeks).

Even the continuation of this blog is in some doubt. I would only be able to work on it at times when she is not around...late nights (she tends to go to bed an hour or so before I do), the occasional times when she might have on-site meetings with some one, etc. The ability to do CD-related artwork would be constrained in a similar manner.

Tentatively, I would continue dressing as much as possible until probably the end of February. That's when she would be away for an extended weekend, giving me the opportunity to clear out the locker and move the chosen wardrobe to the house. (The remainder will be given to charity.)

This is something I would really like feedback on. Please comment or send me an e-mail ( with your thoughts. We have maybe ten to twelve weeks to come to a decision.

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Anonymous said...

Do your thing via Laptop/ notebook and motel visit once a month. You likely can not decide to stop just like that anyway.