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Summer With Aunt Felice

Another tale by "N"

Philip simply stared at his mother in disbelief as she read him the letter from his Aunt.

"I don’t like Felice," he muttered. "And I don’t like her son either."

"John’s your cousin." His mother reminded him snappily. "And you should try to get along with him. He doesn’t have many friends his own age and anyway, since the divorce, your Aunt seems to be very well off. You might enjoy being spoiled for the summer. You know how little money your father and I have."

Philip shrugged nonchalantly.

"How much is she giving you this time?"

His mother laughed nervously.

"She’s been very generous Philip. $5000 to cover our expenses here and she’s agreed to buy you some new clothes while you’re there too. I really can’t turn her down again."

"Well I guess it’s already been decided then." Philip said snappily.

"Thanks honey." His mother said almost apologetically. "You know how useful a little extra cash is round here. I appreciate you going."

Philip was 17 and in his last year at school. He was, as far as he could tell, a perfectly normal boy, a little small for his age and not particularly good at sports but, despite his late development, he was popular with some of his female classmates. He had been looking forward to getting to know a few of them better over the summer, once he was away from class where most of the other boys teased him about his slim frame and introspective nature but it seemed now that his plans had been wasted.

Despite his protests, he actually knew very little about his Aunt. He received the occasional letter with the regular supply of vitamins she sent for him, which he supposed she bought from some weird health shop in order to build him up. Looking down at his hairless chest and slim waist, Philip giggled as he considered what a waste of time the tablets had been. However, he was healthy enough and he didn’t really mind the attention so they weren’t a complete failure.

Philip had met his Aunt a couple of times when he was younger but he remembered how uneasy she made him feel, the way she treated him so delicately, the constant comments about his rough clothes and dirty face. He knew even less about his cousin but what he did know wasn’t good. John, the same age as his distant cousin, had apparently become almost a recluse after his parent’s divorce and, Philips mother had told him quietly one evening, he had trouble making friends of his own. Philip groaned as he continued packing his small suitcase. What had he let himself for?

Philip arrived at his Aunt’s huge house just before lunch, after a short taxi ride from the station. He steeled himself before setting off up the long gravel path, the electric gates closing silently behind him as he trudged wearily past the impressive statues that lined the long drive. He was already feeling slightly homesick, as he thought about his own modest home, now some 500 miles away. At least he would be able to call regularly he reminded himself. The door opened before he could ring the bell.

"Philip." Felice said as she embraced him warmly. "It’s great to see you. John is so looking forward to meeting you."

Philip squirmed as his Aunt hugged him, embarrassed by her open display of affection. He did his best to smile.

"Your mother was right. You’re hair is rather short." Felice said abruptly, running a well-manicured finger through her nephew’s tidy curls. "I like the color though so I think we’ll keep it dark with maybe just a hint of something to enhance the shine."

"I’m not sure what you mean." Philip said quizzically. "I don’t need…"

She dismissed his question with a wave.

"Come on in." she said, her critical tone fading as she smiled. "We’ll talk about all that later. Anyway, lots of people have their hair dyed nowadays; it’s no big deal."

Any further questions were put to the back of Philips mind as a tall young man thrust a hand towards him.

"Here, let me carry your suitcase."

"Your cousin, John." Felice introduced them.

"Hi." Philip said immediately, surprised to find himself liking his cousin on sight. "I was expecting you to be… well… smaller maybe."

"I kind of filled out a couple of years ago." John explained. "And I’ve been playing a lot of football as well as using the gym here."

"You’ve got a gym!" Philip stammered. "Could I use it too?"

Strangely, John and Felice hesitated momentarily before replying.

"Of course you can." Felice said hesitantly. "If you really feel you’re up to it later. I didn’t think working out was your thing. Perhaps John could show you later… after we’ve been shopping. We should really think about getting you some new clothes and, of course, we simply must get your hair done properly."

After the confusion of his arrival, Philip was glad to find he had at least been given a fantastic room with spectacular views over the garden and plenty of wardrobes and drawers for his things. Not that he had much with him he reminded himself but Felice was nothing if not generous and he was looking forward to being pampered a little even though he would rather spend the afternoon with his cousin than being dragged round the shops by his Aunt. He unpacked briskly and went downstairs for lunch.

"How’s the room?" John asked as he packed a huge mouthful of burger into his mouth.

"It’s great." Philip replied, looking glumly at his own small salad. "But there’s still someone else’s clothes in some of the cupboards, a girl I think; she must have forgotten them."

"Glad you like it." John mumbled between mouthfuls. "Mum will explain what she wants doing with the clothes later I guess, after you’ve been shopping together."

After lunch, he was given a handful of his Aunt’s ‘vitamin’ pills, more than he had ever taken before and whatever was in them left him feeling drowsy. When Felice finally led him into the hairdressing salon, he was too lethargic to protest.

"I’m not really sure this is me." Philip said when Felice finally arrived to pick him up, settling the extortionate bill with a gold credit card. "I mean I don’t mind the fact that it’s so spiky but I’m sure they dyed it and… well… I think it’s made me look rather effeminate."

Felice smiled kindly at her confused nephew.

"I did explain that you were going to have your hair done Philip." She said softly. "And it’s really nothing extravagant, just a few highlights to bring out your natural color and a light perm to give your hair some body. It’s been cut beautifully and, despite your reservations, you do look rather chic."

"Is it permanent?" Philip asked, brushing his new fringe from his eyes.

"Sort of." His Aunt replied. "The color should last a few weeks and the curl a little longer but, as your hair was so short, I’m not really convinced that we’ve done all we can with it yet. However, I suppose it will do until your hair grows. Of course, if you don’t want to wait that long, we could tide you over with something more daring."

"More daring? Philip mumbled. "Like what?"

"I have some beautiful wigs back at the house." Felice whispered, watching her nephew’s reaction closely. "You don’t have to decide right now. See how you feel in a couple of days and, if you do fancy trying something more adventurous, just let me know. I’ve got everything from waist-length fantasy styles to business-like bobs and we could turn you into a bubbly blond or a sophisticated brunette, whatever you prefer. I’m sure we’ll be able to find something you like."

Philip’s mouth dropped open as he struggled to take in what his Aunt was telling him.

"Are you saying that I’m supposed to look like a girl now?"

"No. Not at all." Felice replied laughing. "You’ll only look like a proper woman when the rest of your features have also been feminized appropriately. Actually Philip, while we’re discussing your impending emasculation, I spent most of the afternoon buying your first girlie outfit; just a pair of tight-fitting trousers and a loose cotton top to get you started. I thought the transition might be easier if we leave it a few days before tempting you into a skirt and blouse."

Philip began to feel dizzy as he struggled to comprehend what he was being told.

"You’ll get used to it all surprisingly quickly." Felice whispered as Philip collapsed. "And, once you’re accustomed to the more flattering tailoring and softer fabrics, you’ll feel much happier dressed in women’s clothes."

Felice caught her nephew as he fell.

"However, I do hope you enjoy wearing stilettos." she added, bundling him into her car. "There’s quite a collection of high heeled shoes waiting for you back at the house and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed."


Philip wasn’t sure where he was when he woke. Everything seemed like a bad dream. His head hurt and his mouth felt stale and parched but, strangely, his lips weren’t dry or cracked or anything. In fact, his lips felt smooth and they tasted funny. He slowly opened his eyes and wondered momentarily why his eyelids felt so heavy. His ears hurt too. Spidery lashes fluttered on the edge of his blurred vision as he tried to remember what had happened.

"Welcome back." A familiar voice said softly. "You fainted in the shopping center. I managed to get you back home but you’ve been out for over 3 hours."

"My face feels funny." Philip murmured. "And I’ve been having such peculiar dreams. I thought that you were trying to turn me into a…"

Philip’s voice cracked as he lifted his hand and noticed for the first time that his well-bitten nails had somehow been transformed into bright red talons.

"I wasn’t dreaming?" he said slowly.

"No. You weren’t." Felice replied, sighing softly. "Apart from dressing you in that outfit I was telling you about, I took advantage of the fact that you were unconscious to apply just a little makeup and give you a manicure. Now that the glue has dried, your new fingernails are quite permanent. I hope you like the color of the polish; it matches your lipstick perfectly."

Philip groaned and closed his eyes in despair.

"I’m wearing mascara too aren’t I?" he said, his voice breaking as he bravely fought the urge to cry.

"Yes you are." Felice replied matter-of-factly. "As well as a light foundation and a little eye shadow. You’ve had your ears pierced too and, to start off your jewelry collection, I’ve given you a pair of earrings as a gift."

"I don’t understand why you’ve done this to me." Philip said more loudly.

"Take a look at yourself." Felice said, her voice soothing the incensed teenager. "Stand up and look in the mirror. Those weren’t vitamins I’ve been sending you all these years Philip, they were female hormones designed to delay the onset of puberty and keep you delightfully androgynous. I’ve been controlling your body since you were 10 years old to make you ready for this transformation.

"Go on. Take a look. See how beautiful you are."

Philip stood up, unsteady even in his recently acquired 2-inch heels, his slim legs straining against the firm containment of the leather that now covered them. He walked slowly across the room, stopped in front of the glass and then gasped as he saw what he had become.

"It can’t be me. It can’t." He whispered, as the tears began to fall down his whitened cheeks. "I’m a boy, almost a man. I don’t want to be a woman. I don’t care how pretty she is."

Felice smiled at her nephew’s choice of words. The next stage of his training would begin immediately.


A week later, a very different young man gazed at his reflection in the long mirror. So much had happened since that shocking awakening, that day when so many frightening possibilities had first engulfed his imagination. Felice had promised him beauty and glamour, two things he could never experience as a man and, eventually, he had succumbed to her whispered assurances. No one would ever know. She swore never to tell his mother and, once Philip’s bizarre summer holiday was over, it would remain their little secret. So, satisfied that his double life would remain undiscovered, Philip found himself slipping inexorably into a more feminine role, unconsciously adopting the mannerisms of an adolescent girl and adapting his psyche to suit the changes that were slowly overtaking his body.

With each passing day, he spent less and less time worrying about his increasing reliance on cosmetics and feminine fashions until eventually it became difficult to remember that he had ever been a typical young man. Almost without noticing, the boisterous ambitions of his male past had been replaced by the much gentler aspirations of wearing glamorous clothes and expensive makeup. With a little help from Felice, Philip gradually began to think of himself as just another pretty girl, his Aunt’s flattering suggestions reinforcing his more feminine traits as he slowly transformed himself from an unremarkable 17 year old boy into an attractive young woman. The enticements had proved too tempting, the life Felice had offered so much more appealing than the dull months of rejection and teasing he had anticipated back at home.

Philip ran his perfectly manicured fingers over the shimmering leather of his long legs and sighed with pleasure. He felt so much better now, more at ease with his new appearance than he could have ever believed possible. He had almost forgotten that the sleek gloss trousers he was wearing were actually tailored to fit a woman rather than a man. His lips, tinted pink as always and now much fuller since the collagen injection, parted in a wan half smile as he studied the beautiful face that looked back at him from the glass.

His brows had been plucked to thin arches, his hazel eyes wide, enhanced wonderfully by the delicate shades Felice had applied for him that morning and his skin pale and unblemished beneath a diaphanous dusting of white foundation. Unhappy with t-shirts, he had taken to wearing tops that were much more feminine, glamorous jackets and soft silk blouses to match the expensive refinement of his beautiful leather trousers. He had also continued to wear his 2-inch heels but no longer the staid pumps he had first been fitted with but now patent leather ankle boots with a shimmering luster that thrilled him whenever he put them on.

However, beneath the layers of feminine clothing, other improvements were less obvious. Surprisingly, his body was now completely hairless, depilated to an unnatural smoothness by Felice’s lotions. His legs and arms were already completely feminine, his waist nicely tapered and his hips widening nicely with the increased doses of feminizing hormones his Aunt had been giving him. Peering down at his developing body, he struggled momentarily with some residual conflict, some glimmer of shame but the moment passed. He was, after all, happy with what had been done to him so far. He decided that his feminine body was coming along nicely and only his chest was ripe for more radical enhancement.


He responded unthinkingly to his new name, risking one last glance at his disappointingly flat chest as he spun around on his modest heels to answer his Aunt’s call. He found her at the bottom of the stairs where he kissed her lovingly.

"John tells me you’re going into town with him this morning." Felice said. "I know you’ve been seeing quite a lot of each other recently but it’s quite soon to be going out in public, even with a man to look after you."

Philip blushed.

"I’m sure it’ll be okay with John there Aunt Felice but I have been wondering what I should wear."

"If you do need something to bolster your confidence my dear." Felice said kindly. "I could always lend you one of my wigs. You would look so much prettier with long hair."

Philip’s eyes lit up in excitement.

"I was thinking about asking but I wasn’t sure." Philip said, his embarrassment obvious. "May I… If you really don’t mind I mean… I wouldn’t want to…"

Felice smiled.

"Of course I don’t mind. Let’s go and see what I’ve got upstairs."

Half an hour later, Philip sighed as he studied himself in Felice’s vanity mirror. Long dark curls now fell in loose ringlets around his expertly made-up face, his own short hair effectively hidden beneath the incredible wig that Felice had just fitted for him.

"You can keep it if you like." Felice said. "I rarely wear it and, if it helps you look beautiful for John."

"Is there anything else?" Felice said, noticing Philip’s hesitation. "You know you only have to ask."

Philip tried not to stare at the silicone hemispheres half hidden in an open drawer but he felt so confused. His Aunt took the breast-forms from the darkness and placed them in his trembling hands.

"I’d love you to wear them." she whispered. "But I wanted you to be sure that you really wanted to. They come with a special adhesive but they’re quite large and you’ll need to wear a bra to support the extra weight. I know you’ve never considered wearing proper women’s underwear before but seeing as you’re going out, this might be a good time to find you some. We can get you something to hide that small bulge in your panties too if you like."

Philip hesitated only for a moment before nodding silently. Felice laughed at his obvious embarrassment, the difficulty he still had admitting what he had become, but her humor was kind rather than mocking. She hugged him warmly when her giggling subsided a little.

"Look Philippa. Once we’ve done all this… you know… attached the breast forms and fitted your underwear and everything, you’re going to look absolutely fantastic, the most attractive you’ve ever been. Well, I’ve been thinking… if you’re going to be wearing stockings… I thought you might like to try a skirt for a change, something quite short so you won’t look out of place with the rest of the girls in the mall but stylish enough to set you apart too. I was also wondering…"

Felice paused for a moment.

"If you do decide to go with the skirt, you should wear some proper stilettos too, nothing too extreme for the moment but they should have at least a 5-inch heel."

In the space of just one short hour, Philip was totally transformed. Felice had attached his wonderful new breasts lovingly before helping him into his first bra. The white lace looked pretty but the sensation of filling the material with his own bust and actually having a real cleavage thrilled him totally. With his penis hidden, his crotch was perfectly flat beneath the thin panties. Even as he tried to get used to this strange feeling of smoothness, Felice was attaching stockings to suspenders and, very soon, Philippa was ready to put on a crisp white blouse, which was open, just enough to allow tantalizing glimpses of her new breasts. A stunning leather skirt, short and tight, was quickly wrapped around her slim waist and then Philippa was almost ready. She sighed as she finally slipped her toes into the welcoming elevation of her first 5-inch heels.


Shopping was marvelous. Philip so enjoyed being with his handsome cousin, he almost forgot that, inside at least, he was still a boy. They even had lunch together, Philip slowly and unselfconsciously warming to his role as John’s pretty ‘other half’ while they ate. Philip only took a small bowl of soup as he was watching his weight but the food didn’t really matter anyway; he was enjoying the attention he was getting much too much for that. Doors were opened for him, chairs slid into place whenever he sat and John was enchanting, enchanting enough for Philip almost not to notice the looks he was getting from almost every man in the restaurant. He smiled. He felt so confident now that he had such a beautiful figure, he didn’t even consider that he might have been recognized. Philip smiled to himself; he knew what those men were thinking and it most certainly didn’t involve him being a man.

Philip’s routine went on like this for most of the summer. He woke late and bathed, still applying the creams and lotions Felice supplied for him despite the fact that his facial and bodily hair had stopped growing months before. He now had a 24-inch waist and, Philip giggled as he remembered how surprised (and happy) John had been about this discovery, his waist could be further constricted to a fetishistic 20-inch circumference in the right underwear. It was Felice who had first tempted him into a light satin basque and, from there, into waist clinchers and finally the restrictive stays and tight linen of his first real corset. It was not long after that when his Aunt gave him his first leather foundation garments and from then on he was lost. Once he grown accustomed to leather, more exotic materials followed and Philip blushed as he recalled what he had worn the night before just to tease his handsome cousin. John had been speechless when he blundered into Philip’s room to find his feminized best friend! Struggling with the suspenders of a skin-tight rubber corselette, his legs sheathed in shimmering black latex and his full breasts wobbling enticingly in a matching rubber bra. Philip’s cheeks flushed an even deeper pink as he recalled John’s shocked face and saw, for the first time, the desire etched into his cousin’s rugged features. Philip felt incredibly flattered of course and he had long since accepted that he had developed something of an adolescent crush on his sporty cousin but, despite the changes that had overtaken him, the thought of actually taking it their relationship any further hadn’t even crossed his mind.

Unbeknown to Philip, all that was just about to change...

Philip spoke to his mother regularly on the telephone and she had even commented on, what appeared to her, to be her son’s constant excitement. The pitch and intonation of his voice had altered over the holiday but the change had been gradual enough for her not to realize that Philip now spoke with the breathy high-pitched tones of a typical teenage girl. Of course, he didn’t tell her that Felice’s hormone treatment had now progressed from tablets to regular injections and that the increased doses had not only transformed his voice but also given him the rounded hips and buttocks of a shapely young woman. Nor did he mention that his waist had become equally well defined and, to all intents and purposes, his figure was now that of a typical 17 year old girl. Philip obviously didn’t mention the gaping cleavage he was so proud of. How could he have known that, beneath the pert silicone of his synthetic bust, his own breasts were already growing at an alarming rate?

After these regular calls, it came as a huge surprise when Felice told him that his mother was coming to pick him up in 2 weeks time.

"You look disappointed." Felice commented, seeing the young girl’s lips tremble slightly as she heard the news.

"I’ve really enjoyed my stay Aunt Felice. I really have." Philip said quietly, barely able to stop himself crying. "I didn’t think it would all have to end so soon, that’s all."

Felice studied him intently for a moment before continuing.

"This isn’t the end Philippa." Felice said confidently. "In fact, your mother’s arrival will mark the start of your new life."

She paused.

"Your new life here with us."

"I can’t let my mother see me like this." Philip exclaimed, gazing down at the female body that looked so enticing in a revealing net dress and high stiletto heels. "You’ll have to remove my silicone breasts and stop giving me hormones. She would never let you get away with what you’ve done to me."

"Actually Philippa." Felice murmured threateningly. "You’ll have breasts of your own when you next meet your mother, not those plastic enhancements you’ve been wearing so proudly for the last month or two but real ones. After the operation, you’ll have a voluptuous 36-inch bust and a drop-dead figure to match."

"Operation! What operation?" Philip said more forcefully than he had expected.

"One of my friends happens to be an excellent surgeon." Felice said coldly, "And I’ve already made your appointment. Aside from the breast augmentation, you’ll have some minor facial work to highlight your cheekbones and fill out your lips, liposuction to make that tiny waist of yours a more permanent feature and a some general skin softening to complete your transformation."

She hesitated as if she was trying to remember some last detail.

"Oh yes. How could I forget?" she eventually continued. "We’ll finally get rid of that useless sliver of flesh between your legs of yours too; turn it into something much more agreeable. I wouldn’t worry about it too much Philippa. I’m told that you’ll retain all sensation in the area. In fact, as you’ve been taking hormones for so long, your new vagina may even give you more pleasure than your current equipment. Anyway, I’m sure John will be gentle with you when you finally give in to your new body’s natural desires."

"I wouldn’t ever… I’d never… " Philip stammered. "It’s too horrible to even…"

Felice silenced his protests with a casual wave of her hand.

"You are obviously attracted to my son." Felice said. "And once you have the necessary equipment, you’ll soon be tempted to experiment a little. By the time your mother arrives, kissing John will seem like the most natural thing in the world and, even though it’s no business of mine what young couples get up to nowadays, you will soon develop a more intimate sexual relationship with my son."

"This is preposterous." Philip sobbed. "My mother will never forgive you for this."

Felice smiled.

"Actually Philippa, your mother is contributing half of the money for your surgery. She always wanted a daughter and you have been such a disappointment for her."


Philippa finished brushing her beautiful long hair. The perm had taken well and she liked the new style, the tight curls cascading in ringlets around her pretty face, the way her glossed lips glistened invitingly, their dark sheen contrasting nicely with her pale skin. She had worn long false lashes for the first time tonight, dramatic makeup seeming to suit the glistening black latex of her skin-tight costume.

The rubber dress had been John’s idea as it showed off her figure so well but she didn’t mind the rather overt sexual availability that latex seemed to suggest. Ever since the operation, she had been fighting a losing battle against the temptations of her flesh. Just as Felice had said, it was now only a matter of time before she finally succumbed to her cousin’s clumsy advances. It mattered little that she advertised the fact so openly, her mother would soon get used to her daughter’s lascivious sexuality.

Cupped comfortably above a tight PVC corset, Philippa’s breasts heaved as another wave of pleasure washed over her. The sensitivity of her surgically enhanced nipples still surprised her even 3 weeks after the operation that had finally turned her into a proper woman. She shuddered slightly at the thought of what they had done to her but, beneath the membranous skin of her latex g-string, the smoothness of her crotch was some comfort.

Philippa bent her narrow waist, straining against the restriction of her stays to slip her feet into a pair of patent leather sandals with 6-inch heels. Her fetish for extreme stilettos amused her greatly and John definitely found them a turn-on. She smiled, imagining his reaction when he saw her, his eyes wandering over her sheathed body, his excitement obvious to her and everyone else in the room. Teasing him would be easy tonight.

Philippa rose and left her bedroom wondering what she should say to her mother. She supposed it would be a difficult moment for both of them but, now that the surgical reassignment was over, they would both have to accept that Philippa was now an attractive young woman. John was waiting at the bottom of the stairs and Philippa kissed him deeply, savoring the taste of his masculinity and enjoying the closeness of his muscular body. She wondered if perhaps tonight would be the night. The secret thought made her smile.

Philippa took John's hand as she opened the door. She hesitated momentarily, glancing down at her shimmering rubber body and towering heels, before entering the room. Philippa was still smiling as her mother saw her for the first time, stifling a shriek of surprise as she stared in wonder at what her son had become. Philippa walked gracefully across the room, clinging to John's hand for emotional support but enjoying the delicious insecurity of her heels as her new breasts bobbed enticingly beneath the gloss latex of her dress. She leaned dangerously close to her mother.

"Thank you for arranging all this for me." She said softly, running her beautifully manicured nails through her boyfriend's hair as she spoke. "John and I are both very happy with my transformation."


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