Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Dressing 1--Stripes and Petticoats

Not just the first dressing of December, but the first for Dani's ninth year.

The red-on-red twofer is by Apt. 9 Woman, found in a thrift store in June 2012; the red-and-white striped skirt is by Chances R, bought at Forman Mills in July 2015; the shoes are Karen Ornament white peeptoe pumps from Payless in March 2015. Other accessories are gold jewelry, white petticoats, and natural hose. I wasn't at all sure the pettis would work with the skirt, but they look great, don't they?

"No, I don't believe a sissy
can ever show too much

"Oh my! Was that
the doorbell?"

Two more outfits from today's session to come; another chance to dress tomorrow (maybe); and please respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

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