Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dolls 'R' Us--Part Three


Are you obsessed with dolls? Do you think sex with a doll would be amazing? Do you think being a doll is sexy? We can help.

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"Look at this," said Dr. Madchenmacher as she tossed the paper on Madame Fabricantfille's desk. "Mr. Stahl's account is in arrears, again."

"Third time this year," Madame Fab noted, scanning the page. "I'd have thought he learned his lesson after spending a week as a mannequin in Ambrose's Department Store!"

"And being fucked by Mr. Ambrose every night!" the doctor added, laughing.

"So how do we have him work it off this time...and make sure it doesn't happen again?" her partner asked.

"Well...remember we've been working on something to satisfy all the robot-fetishists who contact us?" Dr. Mad began. "I've finally perfected the metallic version of the plasticization process."

"Make him a femme-bot?" Madame Fab asked.

"Permanently...," the doctor confirmed. "Rather than lose money with this joker, let's make some."

Two weeks later, Mr. Stahl arrived for his monthly appointment. "Come right in," Madame Fab greeted him, smiling broadly. "We have something new arranged for you."

"You know I'm always up for the new and different," Stahl replied, enthusiastically. "Lead the way."

A short while later, he was seated in a version of a salon's styling chair. Straps bound his arms, legs, and head to the seat. "Are these necessary?" he asked, nervously.

"Oh, yes," Madame Fab answered. "Preliminary tests indicate that the process works much better with the, the subject...immobilized." She lowered a helmet--looking much like a salon dryer--over his head, stepped back and flipped a switch. The helmet began to glow and hum...and Stahl soon drifted off into a trance-like state.

Doctor Mad entered and looked him over. "So this will prepare his mind for the body changes?" she asked.

"Yes," her partner said. "In about an hour, he will believe he is a mechanical device, programmed to perform only those duties his human controllers command."

One hour later, the man rose robotically from the chair when the helmet was removed. "Robo-unit One, are you ready for the next stage of your programming?" the doctor asked.

"Ready," he replied in a monotone.

"Follow me...."

Six hours later, the process was complete. Covered in a metallic sheen, Stahl's body had been reshaped to feminine proportions. His hair had been removed and replaced with a gleaming mass of wire. He was clad in a shiny tunic that only emphasized the glint of light on his body's curves.

"Robo-Unit One, do you understand your function?" the doctor asked.

Yes, I am a mechanical bimbo. I exist to have sex in all ways with those who control me.

"Love the voice," Madame Fab whispered.

"Yes, it's a new version of the larynx we use for the dolls. Isn't the staccato rhythm just delightful?" Doctor Mad told her. "You called our client who was looking for a robot companion?"

"Yes," Madame Fab said. "Our Robo-Bimbo is booked for a month of service with Ms. Demanden. And I've already had inquiries from a dozen other mechano-fetishists. Unit One is going to be very busy!"


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