Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dani Answers Hannah

As I noted yesterday, Hannah McKnight recently had some thoughts on those of us who call ourselves “sissies”…and I thought I should respond. Much of what she had to say sounded right, but some things were clearly wrong, at least in my opinion. Let’s start with the biggest misconception:

I get a lot of emails from girls like us and if I am speaking in VERY general terms, it FEELS that MOST (not all) messages from those who tell me they are a sissy, or curious about being a sissy want to put on a frilly pink dress and being at the mercy of a man.

No…at least not for me and not for most of the sissies I know. We are firmly heterosexual…our desired partners are women. But the way in which we interact with them is different from what most men desire.

And although I don’t necessarily relate, I also see the appeal of being submissive. I listened to a podcast about a guy who visits with a dominatrix. He has a very stressful life and is responsible for a lot of important decisions with his company and he said that for a few hours a week he is tied up and has no control or responsibilities.

Well, that’s part of it. But for a sissy, the clothes are a major factor in that submission. Being “made” to dress in girl’s attire is a sign of the submission, an outer acknowledgement that I have given up control to my partner. And, yes, I do find the feel of feminine clothing incredibly sexy; that, combined with my desire to submit to a powerful woman, is definitely a turn-on.

I mean, on a perfunctory level, it seems like it’s all about wearing a frilly pink dress (again, the dresses are adorable) and getting nailed. Is that all there is? Does it need to be about anything else? I am either overthinking or oversimplifying this, I feel.

Not overthinking…but definitely oversimplifying. A sissy has realized, at some point in his life, that women are—or should be—the dominant side of any relationship. And his way of accepting that reality is to become the pretty plaything of his partner—her dolly, if you will.

One more thing, and I think this is important. Most of the sissies I know are, to some extent, exhibitionists. We want to be seen as the pretty little girls we pretend to be. Part of the enjoyment of our submission is exposure and humiliation. After all, if no one knows you’re submitting, is it really submission at all?

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Anonymous said...

I like Hannah, and I like her blog, but this was an unfortunate and unnecessary post. No reason to post about something she doesn’t understand. A little research first and her post would have been more accurate.