Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Five-Inch Heels

I said in my previous posts that I just might go ahead and buy a pair of high heels. Well, this morning I did.

I went to Target and purchased a pair of Isaac Mizrahi faux-alligator pumps...with a five-inch heel and an instep strap. (Always have loved straps!) Maybe--after more than two decades not wearing heels--I should have gone with a lower heel, but these looked so elegant...and since I'll just be wearing them around the house, why not enjoy my fetish?

I've had them on--along with a pair of knee-high nylons and my baby-blue panties--for about a half-hour now. I've climbed the stairs and walked around in them. I'd forgotten what a kick I got out of that tightness in the back of your calves, that slightly wobbly feeling in your walk, the way your ass sticks out and wiggles.

Yeah, it'll take time to get used to them, and I can only wear them when the wife is out....call it a "mid-life crisis" if you want, but the urge to do a least a little dressing has been building for over a year now!

Attached is a picture of my feet in these shoes...maybe later I'll figure out how to use the video feature on my digital camera to record some stuff of me walking in them.

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