Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knockers Up!

I have boobs, tits, jugs...whatever you want to call them.

My experience of getting back into dressing, in some small way, continues. Today, at Kmart, I bought a bra and a pair of pantyhose. (I'd rather have a garter belt and stockings, but my courage for shopping in places like Victoria's Secret isn't quite there yet. If you know of a chain of department stores that carries such things that I can get quietly and without fuss, let me know.)

So, right now, I'm wearing my new 44-C bra (stuffed with water-filled bags for shape and weight), my pink lace panties, and my coffee-colored control top pantyhose...under a red turtleneck and jeans...and, of course, with my five-inch heels.

Pictures later.

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