Monday, November 17, 2008

The Spy Who Dragged Me, Chapter One

Bellows had fallen into a trap that the greenest rookie straight out of Langley should have seen coming. He had no one but himself to blame.

The beautiful blonde in the low-cut lounging suit had been coming on to him all night. He should have smelled something about her interest, but his masculine pride wouldn't let him admit that it was anything except his own personality that attracted her. It was only when she drew his attention to the large violet stone on her pendant that alarms went off in his head...but by then it was too late.

"Very good, ma aimee," she purred as he realized he couldn't tear his eyes away from the glow of the jewel, nestled in her ample cleavage. "Now, let the jewel fill your mind as it has filled your eyes, let it bring you rest and relaxation and sleep." Her voice grew firmer. "Sleep now, my little one."

Now Bellows found himself bound to a surprisingly comfortable chair in what was clearly a woman's boudoir--her boudoir. He knew who she was now--the notorious Professor Fabricantfille, chief counter-agent operative for the organization he was supposed to be infiltrating, Garcons comme Filles. The international agency, based in Paris, had been replacing low-level, but influential, government officials throughout Europe with its own gender-bent members. His assignment was to find out how they did it...and now he feared he was going to find out, the hard way.

She strode confidently, but sexily, into his view. "Ahh, you're awake now, ma petite fille?" Already she spoke of him in the feminine. "You don't like that term of affection, eh?" she asked in her French-accented but otherwise impeccable English. "But it fits you so well--or it will soon," she laughed.

From a pocket she pulled out the fateful pendant. "Remember this?" She waved it carelessly before him. Bellows tried to look away, but found his head was secured so that he could only look straight forward. He tried to close his eyes...but still the glow of the jewel seemed to penetrate. He gave up trying as the professor came closer, her perfume filling his nostrils, the violet jewel filling his vision.

"Ma petite jeunne fille," she said...and Bellows felt a tremendous change go through him. Professor Fabricantfille smiled. "Belinda, you are with us now, non?" Bellows nodded. Belinda was his name? Yes, it felt right. "But you are dressed so strangely, ma aimee," she continued. "Let us get you into your proper garments!"

She released her captive from his bonds, and stripped him naked. From a dresser, she pulled out a bra, filling it with realistic falsies; a matching set of panties and garter belt; sheer stockings.

She sat him on the bench of the vanity and made up his face, highlighting his bright blue eyes (now somewhat glazed in his trance state), bringing out his high cheekbones and giving his lips a sleek shine of dark pink. It was all topped off with an ebony wig of shoulder-length curls.

Then came the outer clothes--a shockingly short dress in white leather with a high collar, and silver sling-back heels. "Stand, my sexy one. Réveiller-vous!" Belinda came out of her trance, staring at her transformed self in the mirror. Even in her feminized state, she knew how revealing her extremely short hem was and attempted to tug it lower. "Non, ma petite!" the professor exclaimed. "Let everyone see the beauty of your legs, your body!"

Belinda obeyed. Deep within her, Bellows knew who he was and what had happened to him, but he could do nothing. She's remade I know how Garcons comme Filles succeeds! Their agents aren't new officials--they are the original ones feminized and controlled by the I am now controlled! What plans do they have for me?

More to come

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