Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wanda's New Controls

[Thanks to a wonderful reader named Lisa, I have found the vast majority of the stories from my old website that I had lost. I figured out how to change the flash animation to an animated gif...so here it is.]

"He's fighting the programming?" Mandy asked.

"Not exactly," Susan replied. "I just get the feeling that there are parts of his new personality Warren's not entirely comfortable with, yet. For instance, he's not flirting the way I'd like him to. He's so reserved when he's dressed and out as Wanda that he's practically a wallflower."

The beautician-feminizer pondered the problem. "We have found that some subjects require second sessions, some even need a third, in order to have the complete sissy effect," she admitted. "I take it he has no objections to his weekly salon visits?"

"Absolutely not! He loves the pampering!" Susan said.

"Fine--bring him in next Wednesday...and stop by yourself on Tuesday, so I can preview the new programming for you."


You are proud of your feminine appearance! You revel in the attention it brings you! You crave more!

"That's just the beginning, of course," Mandy explained as she clicked off the recording. "It'll repeat like that--but at high speed, for subliminal intake, for the first several minutes. Then this part starts:"

She hit another button on her console. You can't be truly feminine if you are not flirty! Tease your companions, male and female. Make them desire you!

"That will also repeat, then the two sets of phrases will alternate through the whole session," Mandy concluded. "Oh--and there's one more thing..."

"What's that?" Susan asked, curious. "What you've done so far in making Warren into my little sissy Wanda is so fabulous that I can't imagine anything more."

"I'm going to add a 'multiplier' to his programming. You'll be able to ratchet up his sissiness with just the right phrase...or turn it down to near-masculinity if you want to humiliate him by having him be aware of his false feminine appearance."

"That's intriguing," Susan admitted. "What's the phrase?"


The next day, Susan escorted Wanda into the salon for her weekly visit. The boy-girl was dressed in a white linen shirtwaist dress with a hem that fell three inches above her knees and a neckline that revealed a touch of cleavage above a lacy chemise. Her long slender legs were sheathed in sheer nylons and perched on white kid pumps with five-inch heels. She was the image of a slightly sexy suburban woman.

As was usual, Mandy stripped the outer clothes off Wanda before placing a pink cape around her shoulders and beginning the treatment with a slow shampoo and scalp massage. This was the induction, the process that would open Wanda's mind to the feminizing messages later transmitted to her.

"How nice to see you, Wanda. How lovely you look, how girlish, how sissy!" Mandy exclaimed, knowing the effusive compliments would bring an attractive blush to Wanda's cheeks and open her to further programming. "You like being a sissy, don't you, darling?"

"Yes, like sissy...," Wanda murmured as she fell into the trance.

Half-an-hour later, Wanda's hair was completely rolled onto curlers and she was placed--awake but still under Mandy's influence--under a dryer. The dryer sent subliminal signals into his mind through the receivers in his curlers. The programming demonstrated to Susan the day before would now become a permanent part of Wanda/Warren's psyche.

He was left uder the dryer for more than two hours, so that the programming could have its full effect. Then the hood was lifted, the curlers removed and his hair combed out. He admired his new look in the mirrors. "It's lovely, Mistress Mandy, Mistress Susan," he said.

At that moment, as previously arranged, Mandy's nephew Raymond came in and complimented Wanda on her appearance. Immediately, Wanda began flirting with him. She licked her full red lips and toyed with her nipples through the pink cape. Raymond watched in fascination.

Susan caught Wanda's attention. "Sissy times four", she said. A blank look momentarily came over Wanda's eyes and then she rose from the styling chair and walked over to Raymond. Her flirting became outright seduction as she rubbed her crotch against his and teased his nipples with red-tipped nails.

Susan smiled as she watched her sissy out-girl any real woman in the shop. Then she said, "Sissy times zero."

With a shudder, Wanda stopped her outrageous antics, suddenly realizing that she was male and behaving like a slut. She turned to Susan, pleading in her eyes. "Don't do this to me," he whispered.

"Just a test, Wanda darling. Come here please." Susan paid Mandy for her services as Wanda joined her at the counter. "Sissy times two", she whispered to him...and Wanda minced out behind her.

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