Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More with Fishnets

I have long thought that one of the sexiest combinations is fishnets, white ankle socks, and heels...especially something that looks like a fetishy pair of Mary-Janes.

So I decided some pics of that look were in order. I combined it with my new black bra (Just My Size and incredibly comfortable...I recommend it) and a man's business shirt (another sex combo, IMO).

Here are some samples...and more can be seen here.

In addition, I did some manipulation, creating a set of "don't I just wish" images:

And an aside: I have discovered that just four or five hours a day, one or two times a week, has greatly improved my comfort in walking in heels. When I first bought the shoes in these pictures, a few months ago, I was very stiff and cautious--almost stumbling--in them. Today, I walk in them with ease. And that's after two decades of not wearing heels!

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