Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Missing It

Those who have read this blog from the beginning know that--until late last year--I had gone nearly three decades without wearing a stitch of female clothing. I started up again with just panties...and within three months I was dressing from the skin out.

Now, the odd thing is that, in all those years, I could never say I really missed dressing. But once I got back into it, I discovered how much it meant to me. I took every chance I could get to do at least a little something...panties and cami under male clothes, wearing female shoes with male clothes, whatever.

I've now had to go two full weeks without any dressing at all...and I'm craving to do it--even it's only to wear my black patent kitten heels and see their shiny pointed toes peeking out from under the cuffs of my pants and hear their heels click on the hardwood floors.

The first chance I know for sure I'll have to do it is still three weeks away, when wife and son will both be out of town. (I might get a chance if son starts work next week; that's not definite, yet.)

Can I wait that long?

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