Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 3a: Say Yes to the Dress

Seven days later, Brad tried to sneak into the store, but one of the staff saw him immediately and announced on the intercom: “Amanda and Polly, your favorite customer has arrived!”

Moments later, the two girls were escorting Brad to the party dress department. “We’re having a get-together for the staff next month…and we want you there as our most successful project,” Polly told him. “So, we’re going to spend today finding you a suitable frock!” She stopped and ran her hands over his chest. “Oh, good! You’re wearing the bra we can add the push-up pads to!” Brad blushed.

“We’re wasting time,” Amanda interjected, taking Brad’s arm and pulling him toward the fitting room. “Polly, you know his size by now—go pick out some suitable dresses. Be sure they’re pretty and frilly, with room for lots of petticoats!” As her partner left, Amanda began removing Brad’s shirt and trousers, leaving him standing in pale pink ruffled panties and a lacy bra. She softly caressed his tits and felt the nipples stiffen. “Excited, are you?” she laughed. Then her hand strayed to the bulge in his panties. “Yes, I can see you are,” she chuckled. “You really have become a total sissy, haven’t you?”

Unable to deny it, Brad replied, “Yes, Miss Amanda, and I love my pretty undies!”

At that moment, Polly entered with four lovely dresses and hung them on the rack. “Well, then, you’re going to absolutely swoon over the things we show you today!” She picked one out and held it up before Brad. “Yes, this will be quite nice!” The frock was a pale pink with large polka dots. It had a white scarf-like collar and a belt at the waist. To go with it, Polly selected a petticoat with multiple tiers of frills. Once in place, it all was just knee length.

“That’s a lovely choice, Polly,” Amanda agreed. “He could even wear it at work and then come straight to the party!” She reached up to pick out another. This, too, was in pink (although a bolder shade) and had an off-the-shoulder neckline. The skirt was a wide circle and accommodated an even more generous fluffy petticoat. “Pick up the hem and rustle the skirt and pettis,” Amanda insisted. “Oh, every eye will be on you in that dress!”

“Here’s one that might be more suitable to everyday wear,” Polly noted, as she placed another dress on Brad’s body. It was lavender in color with a bold floral pattern. The skirt was much straighter with only a light petticoat…but the bodice was sleeveless and clung tight to Brad’s B cups and narrow waist.

“Indeed, he could easily go shopping or to lunch with ‘the girls’ in that one,” Amanda agreed.

The last dress was far more daring. It had a deep V neckline to its glittery bodice and the satin skirt floated on petticoats inches above his knees. There was also a delicate organdy overskirt. “Oh, he’ll need the push-up pads with that one, certainly,” Polly noted. “And it shows off just how girlish and feminine his legs are!”

“Speaking of that, Brad will definitely need hosiery and high heels for all of these frocks,” Amanda decided. When Brad was back in his male attire, she took him by the hand. “Come with me, sweetie, and we’ll find just what you need while Polly packs and pays for your pretty dresses—with your credit card, of course!”



Claire122575 said...

I love ready this sissy stories want to be the main sissy in the story

Annie said...

OMG! Brad is such a lucky sissy! Such beautiful dresses!

Lee said...

Fortunately he was ever-so submissive what they first spotted him. Like putty in their hands, molded to their desire. I am sure his Mistress is grateful. Will they dress him before or after his salon appointment? It would be a shame to spoil the green number.