Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Brad's Feminization, Part 1: Passion for Panties

“Oh, look, Polly, he’s here again!” Amanda pointed out the returning customer to her colleague.

“And just like all the other times,” Polly noted. “He comes in a few feet, looks around, and as soon as he sees us, he goes back out.”

“Well, he’s not going to see us this time,” the other salesgirl said. “You go that way, I’ll go this way, and we’ll take him from behind.” In moments, they were close behind the shy young man, whose gaze was locked on a display of panties in the far corner. “Hello, sir, may we assist you?” Amanda asked the startled fellow.

“Why, why, no,” he replied. ‘I’m just, just…well, looking….”

“Yes, you seem to come in just looking every couple of days,” Polly said, smiling. “I’m Polly, this is Amanda, we’re here to help you look. You seem interested in the panties over there.” The girls each took an arm and gently guided him to the panties department. “Now, you tell us your name and what exactly you’re looking for.”

He laughed nervously and replied, softly, “My name is Brad…and, well, I’d like to purchase some panties.” He blushed.

“No need to be embarrassed, Brad,” Amanda assured him. “We get lots of men in here to buy delicates. Now, are these for you, or for your girlfriend?”

“They…they…they’re for me,” Brad stuttered in reply.

“You see, Polly? I told you he was shopping for himself!” Amanda picked up two pairs of panties…one fairly simple nylon briefs, the other satin with lace and ruffles. “Which of these do you prefer, Brad?”

He gulped and without speaking indicated the satin ruffled pair. “I knew it!” Polly laughed. “I can tell a sissy a mile away! What colors do you like, honey?”

“Pink, lavender, baby blue….” he whispered.

“Of course,” Amanda said. “Those are the shades all true sissies want to wear!” She took his hand and walked him to the fitting room. “Now, let’s get a measurement and see what size you need.” She undid his trousers and let them drop to his ankles. “Oh look, Polly—Brad is already wearing panties!”

“But those will never do for a sissy, Amanda! They’re much too plain…and black? Sissies never wear black undies!” Polly grabbed the offending garment and pulled it off Brad. “Oh, my, such a tiny little thing!” she cried as she saw his genitals.

“That’s not a cock,” Amanda agreed. “It’s a cock-ette!” The girls continued to laugh as Brad blushed…and his member grew a bit larger with his embarrassment. “I wonder how big it can get, Polly.” And Amanda began to stroke Brad’s penis sensuously, until….

“Oh, look, he’s leaking pre-cum,” Polly noted. “I guess that’s as big as he can get.” She took the pink panties and said, “Step into these, honey, and we’ll get you all fixed up as a proper sissy!” Brad pulled the frilly undies over his hips and stood with his legs crossed at the knees. From behind, Polly caressed his round bottom through the satin and, in front, Amanda resumed fondling his “cock-ette”. He squirmed in sissy-ish delight.

“All right, sweetie,” Amanda said. “Go pick out a dozen pairs of panties like these. We’ll pack them up and you can pay for them. You can take the ones you’re wearing as a gift!”

Moments later, Brad walked out of the store with a girlish pink shopping bag filled with equally feminine undies. The girls watched as he exited. “He’ll be back,” Polly noted. “Did you see where his eyes went as he left?”

“Yes,” Amanda replied. “Straight to the bras!”



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