Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hypnotized Hostage

The note came in a manila envelope, with a computer-printed address label and no return address. The note was also computer-printed, in a nondescript sanserif face:
Mark Alan is fine.
Make no attempt to trace this package. Your first payment is due tomorrow.
Instructions follow.

The rest was simply when and how to transfer an initial payment of $50,000 to a numbered Swiss bank account.

There was a smaller envelope inside. Conrad Cooper tore it open and found a photograph of what appeared to be an attractive girl about his son's age. Another note was attached.
Here's a peek at what Mary Ellen (formerly Mark Alan) looks like now. Further changes will occur. But she'll stay alive as long as the payments continue.

Cooper was simultaneously furious and distraught. His son, Mark Alan, had disappeared from his college dorm two days ago. A note at the scene said only that instructions for his safety would be forthcoming.

The distant school had been his new wife's idea. The boy's new stepmother had been cool to the notion of sharing the house with the young adult and suggested that living at school would be good experience for him. Conrad had reluctantly agreed.

Cooper studied the photo carefully. The girl had very curly chin-length dark hair, her lips were an attractive pout, her eyes wide beneath their mascara and shadow. It could be Mark Alan. Then he spotted the tell-tale birthmark just beneath the right eye. It was Mark Alan. What in hell is going on? Conrad wondered.

"Look at the light, Mary Ellen," the voice said. Mark Alan Cooper let his eyes fasten on the strobing pattern of the light and felt his will ebb away once more, as it had every day for the past seven.

They had grabbed him from his dorm room just before dawn, keeping him sedated until they reached this place... wherever it was. When he awoke, he discovered he was dressed in women's lingerie... a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings... and bound to a chair in the darkened room. The voice, female and sultry, had for the first time directed his attention to the light, and guided him into the strange hypnotic state.

He couldn't recall anything the voice had told him, but he knew his name was Mary Ellen (although he was male), knew he enjoyed wearing female clothes and looking like a pretty girl. In fact, he got a massive hard-on just looking at pictures of his transformation from college guy to co-ed, or staring at his reflection in a mirror. They no longer needed to bind him, either, as he couldn't imagine anywhere he'd be happier than here, where lovely feminine hands and voices transformed him into one of them.

Now, he sank again into that trance, and heard the voice speak to him. He would remember nothing of what she said, but would follow her instructions when aroused.

"Wide awake now, Mary Ellen," the voice commanded. And Mary Ellen came to. "Pose pretty, now," and again she saw the flashes from the camera, "and tell us all who you are."

"I am Mary Ellen Sissy Slut," the transformed boy began, in a husky contralto. "I love to dress and pose and act like a girl. I have a hard-on when I see myself in a skirt, long smooth legs and high heels. I come when I put on my lipstick...

"...I long for the day when I can suck my mistress's pussy and feel her hard dildo in my ass."

Conrad Cooper snapped off the tape recorder. It was Mark Alan's voice. Even without the confirmation of the scientific analysis he knew that. With the cassette had come, as always, a demand for another $50,000 payment and more photos of his son, further changed.

In these, "Mary Ellen" wore a sort of plastic jacket and skirt, with a bare midriff and a hem at a shocking eight inches above her knees. The color was a pale pink. Her hair was now long and straight, falling gently to her shoulders. There seemed to be two budding breasts beneath the jacket as well.
As you can see, our little Mary Ellen is coming along quite nicely. I hope you are enjoying seeing this transformation of your son into a beautiful daughter. Make the payment as usual and expect another package in 14 days.

Conrad frowned. He'd had his investigators probing into this abduction for days, ever since he'd become convinced the police and FBI were completely unable to track down these bizarre kidnappers. They'd never come across this kind of scheme before and were baffled by the motives behind it.

Conrad's own people had some leads, though. Still, his son's life... and apparently his gender... were in the balance. He'd bide his time.

"It's time for our first excursion, Mary Ellen," the voice told her. "Watch the light and listen to what we'll be doing."

Once again, Mary Ellen fell into the sweet trance that took away all her cares and gave her permission to be whatever her mistress desired. Twenty minutes later, she awoke.

"This will be a very special party, Mary Ellen," the voice said. "We must look our best."

"Oh, yes, Mistress," Mary Ellen gushed. "I want to look elegant and sexy and oh so desirable for you and your friends!"

The latest package contained many pictures of Mary Ellen with other "women"... some of them real and some of them obviously transformed boys like herself. Mary Ellen wore an ivory gown in the column style, with a draped neckline and black gloves. Her hair had been bleached and waved, her pierced ears had delicate dangling earrings, her neck sported a matching necklace.

But the shocking thing was what Mary Ellen was doing in so many of those pictures. She knelt before the elegantly clad women, kissing their spike-heeled feet, taking their tongues deep into her own mouth, and even, in one long sequence, burying her face into their pantied crotches.
Mary Ellen was quite the life of our party! You should be very proud of her! Keep making your payments and she will be returned to you, eventually. Perhaps you'll even find her more interesting than Mark Alan ever was!

This package had finally provided Conrad and his investigators with a real clue. The timing of the packages showed that the kidnappers had to be holding Mark Alan somewhere close by, and there were a limited number of places where this kind of "party" could be held, even in secret.

They were closing in.

"Mary Ellen, a proper sissy slut is not only submissive, but can be dominant when required," the voice told her, as the strobe light pulsated.

"Yes, Mistress," Mary Ellen responded. Her memories of her life as Mark Alan, just a few short weeks ago, were nearly faded. She was Mary Ellen completely now... and Mary Ellen believed everything her mistress told her.

"Our next adventure will show you how arousing it can be to have another at your beck-and-call," the voice advised her. "Time to get ready."

It was over a week before the next package, with new pictures and a yet another payment demand, arrived. Conrad tore it open and was again shocked by the apparent degradation these unknown people were putting his son through.

One of the pictures showed Mark Alan from the waist down, wrapped in an incredibly tight shiny skirt, his long shapely legs (Conrad could no longer deny that his son was being changed into an incredibly sexy woman) perched on pumps with six-inch heels. His hand was pointing as if he were disciplining someone.

Other photos in the set showed that there was a scantily clad young woman sprawled on the floor at Mark Alan's feet. In some photos, she kissed his shoes as Mark Alan had done to the women in the previous pictures. In some she cowered as he stood over her with a riding crop.
Mary Ellen is learning her lessons well, becoming a true devotee of the bizarre erotic arts we are introducing her to. Make the usual payment in the usual way, and I promise you will see her again before the year is out.

Conrad fumed. The previous lead had come up empty when it was discovered that the hall where the lesbian S&M party was held had been rented in the name of one of his own companies! Despite the most stringent interrogations, his investigators had been unable to determine how this had been done. Was one of his own employees behind this?

"It's almost time to return you to your loving family, Mary Ellen," the voice purred. "I'm sure they'll enjoy you as much as I have come to enjoy you."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"One last set of instructions, darling," the mysterious voice went on. "Watch the light," and the strobe again permitted Mary Ellen to sink deep into her erotic trance.

This time the kidnappers had finally made an error, Conrad knew. The information in the latest package was sufficient to do them in.
As you can see, we have further enhanced Mary Ellen's beauty. Our recent visit to a cosmetic surgeon has resulted in the lovely figure you see so well displayed here. Her boobs are a delightful 36 C, her waist a mere 24 inches and her hips a swaying 35 inches. She'll catch many an eye when she comes home.

Conrad's investigators had wasted no time in tracking down the surgeon who had performed the alterations on Mark Alan. Very little arm-twisting, in the form of threats of exposure, was needed to have him reveal the location where the operation had been done. Conrad's men were closing in now.

He looked again at the photos, showing his son... he almost winced... in a nearly transparent negligee, long curly hair cascading down his back. Would it ever be possible to reverse all that had happened?

"Mary Ellen," the voice said quietly. "I have to leave you now."


"Do not fear, my pet," the voice comforted her. "You'll see me again, very soon. Now, watch the light one last time..."

"Sweet Jesus!"

"Knock it off, Carlson," the lead investigator barked.

They had found the kidnappers' lair. Breaking down the doors, they
discovered a veritable treasure house of the sexiest female clothing they could imagine, as well as pictures of women in every possible state of erotic combination with each other.

They continued to search the house. Finally, in a back bedroom, they discovered Mark Alan...though if they had not known they were looking for a male, they'd never have guessed.

Dressed in a tight-fitting red sweater over her new breasts and an extremely short black skirt, Mary Ellen was trussed to a chair with white cord, her arms, knees and ankles bound. But she wasn't gagged.

"Why didn't you call out to us?" the investigator asked.

"My mistress told me not to," she replied breathily. "Besides, this bondage is so arousing!"

One hour later, the investigators brought the transformed boy to the Cooper home.

"Be aware that he's firmly convinced he's a lesbian girl," the leader had told Conrad. "I don't know what they did to him, but you're going to have a hell of a time changing him back!"

Conrad gasped at the sight of his much-altered son. "Mark Alan!" he exclaimed.

The sexily clad figure before him stared without acknowledgement. Conrad gulped. "I mean, Mary Ellen... thank god you're home!"

"I was never in any danger, Father," the boy-girl told him. "And I've learned ever so much!" She smiled.

Conrad nearly choked. "Well, your stepmother's upstairs. She's been
incredibly upset by all this. She's buried herself in her work to keep from worrying about you. Please go see her."

"Of course, Father," Mary Ellen answered and minced up the stairs in her black patent spikes.

She knocked and then entered her stepmother's boudoir. It was dark, the lights dimmed and the curtains drawn.

"Mother?" Mary Ellen inquired.

Suddenly a strobe light began to pulse and a familiar voice spoke. "Watch the light, Mary Ellen..."

"Oh, Mistress!!"

The End

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