Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Ransom of Redhead, Chapter One

A sequel to "Hypnotized Hostage"

Conrad Cooper had disappeared. Just as his son had been kidnapped a few years back, this time it was the president and CEO of Cooper Enterprises who was missing. Mark Alan Cooper had been returned as Mary Ellen, a bizarrely transformed figure who thought of herself as a lesbian girl...a transformation that had never been reversed.

Within days of his disappearance, the three members of Cooper's board of directors received a package. It contained some photographs, an envelope, and a note:

Here is your sweet delicious Connie. We have nicknamed her "Redhead". Your instructions for her continued safety and eventual return are in the accompanying envelope.

The picture showed what the board members recognized as their missing head. His hair had been dyed a coppery red, styled in a chin-length pageboy. He was dressed in a pale blue sweater, checked miniskirt and black pumps with five inch heels. A close-up shot revealed full red lips, a slightly blushing complexion, and a blank gaze and an odd violet glow to his eyes.

Barnard McReynolds tore open the enclosed envelope, which was addressed to him.

Tomorrow morning, you will visit Transformations, a fascinating little shop in the Bohemian section of town. You have an appointment at 9:30 AM. Don't be late...and don't skip the appointment if you expect to see Redhead again.


McReynolds and his peers valued Conrad Cooper's business acumen. Promptly at 9:30 the next morning, he stood before the somewhat seedy entrance to Transformations. The door was locked and the interior was only dimly lit. A sign said "Buzz for entry." He pressed the button.

A moment later, the door was opened by an attractive young woman dressed all in black--black rubber, McReynolds realized with a start. She was dark-haired and dark-eyed, and seemed strangely familiar.

"Uncle Barney! How sweet of you to come when asked!" she gushed, gesturing him to precede her.

My god! McReynolds thought. It's Cooper's, daughter--Mary Ellen who used to be Mark Allen! "What's this all about, girl?" he demanded.

She laughed. "You'll soon know, Uncle Barney. Just go through that door ahead." He followed her instructions and as he pushed open the door, his eyes and mind were flooded with the pulsing violet light behind them.

"That's it, Bonnie--let the light fill your soul, let it control your thoughts, your very being," came another familiar voice from behind the blinding light. "Your new life has begun!"


The other two board members heard nothing from McReynolds for another 24 hours. Then, as they gathered for a mid-week meeting, a secretary told them. "There's a--young lady--here to see you. She insists on joining the meeting."

"We'll just see about that!" exclaimed Aubrey Gordon. He and his fellow board member, Gerald Stewart, stormed into the conference room and saw her:

She wore a halter-necked sundress with a pink print. Her legs were sleek in sheer nylons and perched on red sandals with an ankle strap and thin four-inch heels. Her hair was big--a teased volume of blonde that floated around her beautiful face and bounced on her shoulders. Around her right wrist was a heavy silver bracelet with a strangely glowing violet jewel.

"Hello, Aubrey, hello, Gerry," she said, sweetly. The voice was breathy, sexy and they both realized it belonged to Barney McReynolds.

"Barney, what's going on? What is this?" Stewart asked.

"Please, my name is Bonnie," the blonde insisted. "I'm instructed to bring you the next step in the ransom process." She picked up a large envelope from the conference table and walked to them. They both noticed how her eyes reflected the glow of the jewel at her wrist.

She left the package in their hands and sashayed out of the room, her girlish hips swaying with every step of her teetering heels.

Gordon and Stewart tore open the package.

More to come

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jimbo said...

as usual; lovely ladies are the prizes and the plot is great! love it