Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Digital Transformation, Part 3

Selina has sent me some more pix to work with and I'll be posting my attempts to feminize her here and at the Bimbo Sanctuary (see link to the left). The postings at the Sanctuary will go into more detail and perhaps show a little more of the unaltered pix, since it's a more secure location than this blog and makes Selina a bit more comfortable about "exposing" herself.

Anyway, this first pic was a bit of a challenge...she's wearing what appears to be just a cropped t-shirt over a heavily stuffed bra, and I wanted to make the whole thing look more like it was "all her". What do you think?

As you can see, I also did some subtle work on her profile, narrowed her waist, and gave her something of a "bubble butt"--Selina likes extreme hourglass figures.

Another standing profile shot--I expanded and emphasized her tits and ass again, and I lengthened her legs. I find longer legs tend to feminize a male figure and balance the boobs out.

On this one, I decided the whole thing would work better with more cleavage, so I altered the neckline of the dress before giving Selina the hourglass figure. I did some subtle work on her face and, again, gave her longer legs. I also "painted" her nails.

One last one for now. This one was a little tough--the seated pose made it difficult to play with the waist and hips much. One important element in this was the hair. I had told Selina I thought the long black wig was unflattering, particularly since her own coloring is more in the sandy brown/dark blonde range. I wanted to let her see what a lighter, shorter 'do would look like, so....

More soon.

[Update (7/16/07): Selina has asked that any unaltered pics be removed from the blog. They can still be seen at A Bimbo's Sanctuary (link at right).]

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they're great Dani

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