Monday, July 9, 2007

Inadvertant Turn-ons

I was thinking of this over the weekend, when I saw a pretty young girl wearing an outfit I might have liked to wear in my CDing youth...and found I was getting aroused at the idea. Now--despite the fact that the girl was, indeed, lovely--it wasn't the sight of her alone that got me was thinking of what I might look like in that dress.

And that got me thinking this morning...have you ever seen something in your daily life that suddenly appealed to your CD/TV self and found yourself with a hard-on? Other than girls in outfits I'd like to wear, I find that I'm aroused by seeing a girl who might be a guy--you know, attractive but maybe a touch masculine? Short hair? Slightly heavy eyebrows?

Ever seen a little girl all dressed and thought, "Gee, she moves like a little boy," and considered the possibility?

As always, comments are welcome.

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