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Pretty Sissy Dani, Chapter Two

I've decided to post these a little more often.

First, it means we'll get through stories more quickly; second, it means I can have something to post even when I have nothing in particular to say !

Continued from last week:

CHAPTER TWO: Teenage Tease

Some six months after Mistress Jennifer first imposed the "Sissy Dani" persona on me through posthypnotic suggestion, our lives had settled into a routine. Most of the week was quite normal--only Jennifer's insistence that I wear a corset and baby-dolls to bed indicated the hold she had over me. Naturally, I complied, since she could always threaten to permanently impose "Sissy Dani" on my mind.

Weekends, however, were generally spent in my transformed bondage. Perhaps a description of one such period will demonstrate the nature of our relationship.

I arrived home from work Friday night and was met by Mistress Jennifer at the door, dressed in her most dominant clothes--black leather bustier, knee-length black leather hobble skirt, black stockings and six-inch heels. She kissed me tenderly and whispered, "Pretty Sissy Dani." Once again, as it had countless times over the past half-year, my personality shifted. I was no longer Daniel, the confident journalist, but now Dani, the sweetly submissive male lesbian. As I had been taught, I dropped my gaze and held out my arms, wrists touching. "Transform me, Mistress," I pleaded. "Bind me into your service as Sissy Dani."

Jennifer smiled the wicked smile I had grown to fear yet love. "At once, Sissy Dani. I have a very special weekend planned for us."

Producing a collar and leash, she bound me to her and led me to Sissy Dani's transformation room. Seating me before the vanity, she told me to begin my change. First came the makeup--eyeshadow, mascara, bright red lipstick and, of course, the blush that gave me the look of constant embarrassment that Mistress Jennifer so enjoyed. She even powdered my breasts, then shadowed my "cleavage" and rouged my nipples, making my otherwise flat chest look quite girlish. She next combed out my hair into the flattering blonde pageboy her friend Mistress Margaret had created when Dani was first "revealed."

Next came the clothes. Jennifer had already laid out the outfit I was to wear for the evening. It consisted of a low-cut red satin blouse (though I had little in the way of natural cleavage, Mistress Jennifer still preferred me to dress in this sexy manner at times), a tight black leather miniskirt (with the hem fully six inches above my knees), a knee-length black leather cape, with red satin lining, and red patent-leather pumps, with towering 6-1/2-inch heels. All this was worn over black lingerie, including a lightly padded bra, satin panties, garterbelt and sheer black stockings.

Sissy Dani (I had, in my lucid moments as Daniel, come to think of her as a separate person) revelled in these sexy, feminine clothes, creating a sexual rush that thickened and hardened my cock. Mistress Jennifer smiled and brushed her hand across the obvious bulge under my skirt. "We'll get to that later, Sissy Dani," she whispered. "Now calm down."

Now Jennifer placed the gold bracelets with the secret locks on my wrists, the matching gold ankle bracelets on my legs and, finally, the gold collar with the visible lock around my neck. Then she took my wrists in her hands and brought them together behind my back. SNAP! The bracelets became handcuffs, effectively binding my hands behind me, hidden beneath the cape.

Now, she clipped the leash again to my collar and led me out to the street. Submissively (Sissy Dani could act no other way), I followed. As we reached the sidewalk, she snapped her fingers before my face. That was the signal--Sissy Dani disappeared and Daniel came back to life.

I stumbled in the towering heels as I came to my senses. As usual, I knew everything Mistress Jennifer had done to me and I was thoroughly humiliated to be bound and crossdressed in public--although certainly no passer-by would guess that the blonde vision in red-and-black was not female.

"Where are we going now?" I asked. She again smiled the secret smile I had come to fear--it always meant humiliation for me.

"One of my dearest dominant friends is having a little party. She asked me to bring Sissy Dani to demonstrate my 'training methods,'" Mistress Jennifer replied. "Her name is Mistress Susan--and you will obey her, and any other dominant woman at the party, as you would me. You know the consequences.

I certainly did. The consequences were to live the rest of my life as Sissy Dani. I was constantly afraid she would carry through on that threat--and secretly desiring it as well. The more time I spent as Sissy Dani, or in "her" clothes, the more I grew to enjoy it. I dared not tell Mistress Jennifer...she would only try to find a new way to humiliate me.

Fortunately the party house was only a few blocks away, so there was little chance for me to be seen by any neighbors. When we reached the door, it was opened by Mistress Susan. At that moment, Jennifer whipped off my cape, exposing the bondage to her sister dominant and all the other party-goers. She announced to the group, "Hello, everyone, this is pretty Sissy Dani!"

With those words, Dani reasserted herself. I blushed (prettily, I'm sure) at my exposure. As I had often been instructed, I dropped to my knees and placed my lips on the toes of Mistress Susan's white patent-leather boots. "Thank you for permitting me to serve you and all the other women here, Mistress Susan," I said.

The lovely blonde dominant, dressed all in white leather, took my hand and raised me back to my feet. "You're quite welcome, Sissy Dani. Come meet my other guests."

The room was filled with dominant women, each attended by one or more submissives. All of the submissives were crossdressed men, in varying states of attire. Several were completely outfitted as French maids, with short, petticoated, black satin minidresses, black silk hose and high, black patent-leather shoes. Others were done up as little girls--in pink or white satin party dresses, bare legs, frilly white socks and Mary Janes. Still others wore nothing but corsets or waist-cinchers with nylons and heels. These were usually also in mild bondage of one sort or another.

The one exception was a boy of about 16, who was completely naked and bound to a chair in the middle of the room. I assumed he had been drugged in some way, because he was relaxed and apparently sleeping. Susan led Jennifer and me over to the bound young man. "Dani, this is my little brother Tommy. He is about to become your sister in spirit--thanks to your lovely Mistress."

I was shocked (even as Sissy Dani) to realize that Mistress Jennifer was aiding her friend in enslaving one so young--especially the dominant's brother. The various dominants in the room gathered around as Susan and Jennifer began to dress the drowsing boy in feminine clothes. Apparently the plan was to establish the soon-to-be "Tammy" as a sort of teenage tease. He was dressed in frilly pink panties, a generously padded bra (making him at least a 35C), matching garterbelt, sheer hose, a tight pink sweater, pink miniskirt (fully as short as my own), pink ankle socks with lace at the cuffs, and pink patent-leather pumps with four-inch heels.

Once he was dressed, the assembled dominants made up his face: pale blue eyeshadow, long false lashes, a becoming blush and deep red lipstick. They topped it off with a curly, shoulder-length auburn wig.

Now, at Mistress Jennifer's direction, one of the "maids" brought over a full-length mirror and an amplifier setup, mith microphone and headphones. The headphones were placed over "Tammy's" ears, the microphone given to Jennifer, while the newly crossdressed boy was brought to his feet before the mirror.

"Open your eyes, Tommy," Jennifer spoke into the mike. "This is the new you: Your name is Tammy. You have two goals in life--to serve your Mistress Susan, and to use your feminine wiles to lure other teenage boys like yourself into our clutches, to be feminized and dominated for the enjoyment of these women.

"Naturally, you yourself are much turned-on by this look. You want to look just as pretty and sexy as you can. You glory in the attention--at the same time realizing the humiliation of your position as a toy and sex-lure for your Mistress's purposes.

"Remember, that any time your Mistress wishes to give you instructions, she must only direct you to gaze upon yourself in a mirror, with the words, 'Pose for me, Teasing Tammy.'"

"Now, close your eyes and sleep until I awaken you with the words, 'Wake up, Teasing Tammy.'"

The newly renamed boy-girl sat quietly as even the assembled dominants gasped at the boldness of Jennifer and Susan's scheme. They planned not only to enslave the feminized Tommy, but to use him to recruit other unsuspecting lads to their arms.

Sissy Dani and Teasing Tammy would soon have many "little sisters," it seemed.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever get to do this? I don't think my boyfriend/sissy maid realises how lucky he is. He has the same fantasies but he gets to live them out as 'Barbie' when we go to clubs- often going from house to car in a long pink cloak with only her sissy outfit underneath!

Mistress Erotica

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I've been out in girls' clothes, sometimes under a coat, but never in the company of a domme.