Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Best Laid Plans....

...aft gang aglee, or so said Robert Burns.

I had intended to spend today in "June Cleaver" mode--in my summery floral print dress and the floral pumps that go with it. Two things threw a monkey wrench into those plans:

1. I went to my basement cache of girly things and discovered, after the last storm here, some moisture got into that area and the box of shoes (kept on the floor) had picked up some mold. Fortunately, none of them are totally destroyed (though I thought the pumps in question--being fabric--might have been). I was able to clean them and it looks like they'll survive...but it means my original outfit idea went into the rethink pile.

2. I've been waiting to hear from the guy who will install my new garage door...and he just called and wants to come over today for some measurements. Well, I can't meet him as "Pretty Sissy Dani", so...

Oh, well, I'm free on Friday, too. I'll plan for that, instead.

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