Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Stepton Volunteers, Part Two

"Mr. Bryant? Have you seen this ad?" The attractive young housekeeper/nanny called her employer to the computer. "It looks like just the kind of place you've been looking for--for you and for Jimmy."

Elliot Bryant looked over the images on the monitor. Yes, it certainly did seem like the answer to all his dreams and questions. Elliot had discovered in his mid-teens that he was a transvestite and had struggled with those desires all his life since. His marriage had been a delight, because his wife not only understood but encouraged his dressing, and Elliot was surprised--although ultimately happy--when he found out that she had
introduced their only child, James, to the wonders of feminine clothes at an early age.

But Elliot's wife had died two years ago, when Jimmy was but 11. Shortly after her death, the successful lawyer had hired Corinne as a housekeeper and nanny for his son. In time, she learned of both males' interest in cross-dressing and had come to support it as thoroughly as the late Mrs. Bryant had. So Elliot was not surprised when she drew his attention to the promotion for the town of Stepton.

"Let me investigate this a bit further, Corinne," he said, as sat down at the keyboard. Corinne stepped away and stood back, watching her handsome employer. As usual, she was dressed to show off her curvaceous body in a midriff-baring halter, tight shorts, and an open blouse. She knew both men in the house had a crush on her and she did nothing to discourage it. In fact, she openly flirted and teased both of them.

She left Elliot to his research and smiled. Yes, go ahead and investigate, my lovely Elizabeth, she thought. I've already done my share of investigation and I know Stepton is precisely what we've been looking for. It's certainly what I've been looking for!

A month later, the three stood in their new yard in Stepton, watching the moving men unload their belongings into the stately Victorian home they'd acquired. Corinne smiled openly when she spotted the elegant woman walking up the street toward them. "Carla!" she called.

The woman approached and hugged the nanny. "Corinne! I'm so glad you all decided to make Stepton your home!" Carla Weathers, the social leader of Stepton, was dressed in her usual leather business suit and satin blouse, her shapely legs perched on six-inch heels.

"Miss Weathers," Elliott said, stepping forward. "Corinne has told me so much about you and how helpful you were in arranging everything. Thank you so much!"

"Oh, it was my pleasure, Mr. Bryant," Carla replied. "Stepton was founded as a place for those with feminine interests to be happy and well looked after. I'm always pleased to help us grow!" She looked at his son. "Is this Jimmy?"

"Yes," Elliot answered. He gestured for the boy to join them. "Jim, this is Miss Weathers. You remember Corinne telling us about her."

Jimmy extended his hand for Carla to take. "Such a lovely face--he must be beautiful when dressed...but then, so must you," she said. Both males blushed at the praise.

"We try," Elliot answered. "We try."

You'll soon do more than try, Corinne mused. She took Carla by the hand and led her away.

"They have no idea of what will really happen here?" Carla asked, as she passed a mysterious device to the nanny.

"None at all," Corinne replied.


That evening, as Corinne helped Jimmy prepare for bed, she pressed the device against the back of the lad's neck. There was a soft "whoosh". Jimmy continued to go to bed as normal, but when he awoke, nothing would be normal ever again.

Later that evening, Corinne and Elliot were in the living room, relaxing from the strain of the move. Corinne watched as her employer rubbed his neck and shoulders.

"Mr. Bryant, feeling a bit stiff?" she asked.

"Yeah--too long sitting in the car, I guess." She walked around behind his chair and began to rub his neck and shoulders. Surreptitiously, she again placed the device against his neck and heard the quiet hiss of air. She continued to massage Elliot's body until he announced, "I think I'll call it a day, Corinne. See you in the morning."

"Certainly, Mr. Bryant. Sleep well." You'll see me in the morning, but who I will see may be completely different!


Elliot slept late and came downstairs to something of a surprise. His son was seated in the living room, but not as Jimmy. Rather, the boy was completely decked out as his feminine self, Ginny, and far more dramatically, far more sexily, far more provocatively, than Elliot could ever remember.

Ginny wore a red plaid miniskirt, revealing her bare shaved legs. On her feet were a pair of white ankle socks and a pair of black patent-leather Mary-Janes with four-inch heels. Her wig was auburn, straight, and tied in two long pigtails that hung below her shoulders. Her face was made up pale, the better to show off her elaborately shadowed and mascaraed eyes, and her full red lips.

"What's up, Ginny?" Elliot asked. "I thought we agreed to get the lay of the land before going full out as girls here."

"It was Corinne's idea," Ginny answered, her voice somehow more feminine than ever before. "And somehow I wanted to do whatever she asked."

"That's enough, Ginny love." Elliot turned to see his attractive employee in the doorway from the kitchen. She looked him straight in the eye and said, "Who's the boss, Elizabeth?"

Without hesitation, his eyes glazing over, Elliot replied, in a feminine tone, "You are, Mistress Corinne."

"Very good," the erstwhile nanny said. "By now, you've probably figured out that there will be a few changes in the household, now that we're in Stepton. You see, Stepton is not just a town that accepts transvestites; Stepton insists on transvestites. Every male in the town is under some form of forced feminization and under the control of the wonderful implants whose influence you both now feel.

"Elizabeth," she continued, "I've already gone a bit further with Ginny than with you. You may have noticed a fuller curve to her bosom--that's a result of the implant as well. It allows me to change not only your personalities but your bodies.

"Strip!" she commanded--and Elliot instantly began ripping off his male clothes. She walked toward him, and then began running her hands all over his body. "You already have such a feminine form, since you've always kept yourself clean-shaven and softened your skin with lotions and creams." She placed her hands over his nipples. "Tits--38D." She relished the feeling and the look on Elliot's face as his chest swelled, enlarging his smooth male torso to the required size. "I always did like a busty girl," she laughed. "But it's not quite right...hmm, nipples--half-inch." And Elliot's nipple areas enlarged as commanded.

Corinne stepped back. "Waist--25; hips--35" Elliot gasped as he felt his waist contract, forcing his internal organs into new configurations. "Legs--33." Elliot nearly fell as he suddenly realized his legs were getting longer and more shapely.

"Much better." She looked over her former employer with lust. "I do wish we had time for some real play, but we have to go shopping--we have a dinner date with Carla tonight and you two need the proper clothes.

"By now, you've figured out that the implants downloaded your new personalities last night. Both of you are, of course, completely submissive to me and to any real woman. You, Ginny, are a teenage tease, always ready to lure a boy--or a girl--on for some hot sex. You, Elizabeth, are a fashionable woman about town, but devoted to me, your lesbian lover. You both are constantly aroused by the clothes you wear, and will 'perform' at my command without hesitation. In fact--

"Hard-on!" Instantly, Elizabeth's cock became engorged and swelled to its full erect size. She glanced over and saw a noticeable bulge under her "daughter's" skirt, as well. "Excellent!" Corinne proclaimed. "Let's see how long we can keep that up, as it were!" And she laughed as she led Elizabeth off to dress for the shopping trip.


That evening, Elizabeth leaned in close to the vanity mirror, her boobs nearly spilling out of the strapless cocktail dress she wore, as she touched up her full and feminine lips.

"Yes, that's it, little Lizzy," Corinne advised. "And remember, every time you use lipstick, or blush, or mascara, or any other cosmetic, you feel more feminine. And what does feeling feminine do, darling?"

"It excites me, it arouses me," Elizabeth responded.

"And what does your arousal do to you?"

"It makes me want to make love to you, Mistress Corinne!"

"No time for that now, but we can't have you walking around horny all night, either. Hard-on. Now, continue fixing your face and when I say it's perfect, you can come."

Corinne watched for several minutes as her male lesbian slave completed her cosmetic ministrations. "Stop." Corinne examined the completed look. "Yes, that's perfect!"

"Oh........thank you, Mistress!" Elizabeth exclaimed as her come filled her panties.

More to come

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