Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Session

Here are the pics from today's dressing session (I ended it a little earlier than planned--a couple of absolutely necessary errands cropped up). The second one above, of course, is there because I just had to show off my legs a little.

A technical note: In these pics, I've changed the method I use to digitally mask my face. I had been using a "mosaic" tool; these were done with the "median" tool...I think it allows for a touch more of the expression to show through.

This one was shot with me sitting on the stairs, with the camera aimed up from the bottom. I'm trying to find some new locations in the house for photography. I originally wanted to attempt some shots of me standing on the stairs, but the angle is just too steep. I also wanted to try standing at the bottom, with the camera on the stairs and ran into the same problem.

In a few days, I'll probably work up some "fantasy" images from these shots. And, of course, more of them can be found here.

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