Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July Pix 3--Jersey Dress

This is my favorite, most comfortable outfit, undoubtedly. If I could, I'd wear it constantly. In the first set of pix, I'm wearing it with white hose and those awesome white sandals, just so I could see how they'd look with a "standard" length skirt. I think they look great (though I still couldn't wear them for more than about 15 minutes)!

Here's another close-up view. I love what those heels do for my calves!

Next I tried the same outfit with the alligator pumps. Note I'm wearing my wide white belt, instead of the cloth tie-belt that came with this dress. I think it accents what little waist I have.

Finally, I switched to one of my two fave pairs of pumps. These are the beige fabric version; I also have them in black leather. I'm trying to stick to the lighter colors for summer and switch back to the blacks for fall and winter.

More shots of this outfit can be seen here. And my next project will be taking some of these and altering them for a "fantasy" version of what I'd like to look like.

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