Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change of Heart

[This is another "shortie"...but it was also one of my first to deal with the "androgynous" image.]

Hart walked through the mall, certain he was attracting attention, but unable to do anything about it. His slightly shaggy hair only added to his unusual appearance, as did the soft touch of cosmetics that Alicia had insisted upon.

His appearance was unusual because--despite looking mostly male--he was dressed in clothes that otherwise might have been worn by a teen-aged girl. Alicia had insisted on that, too. "Nothing overtly feminine--no frills or skirts or anything for this outing," she had told him. "I want you to look like a sissy, not a girl," she smiled.

And he definitely was androgynously sissy in this outfit: hip-slung tight jeans that ended at his ankles, revealing his nylon-clad legs just a bit; white patent-leather flats with little bows on the instep; and a midriff-bearing t-shirt with a big pink heart on it (Alicia delighted in that kind of wordplay).

But the most important part of the ensemble was the belt...a belt especially designed by his genius fiancee, who specialized in electronics for mind control and subliminal influence. The circuits in the otherwise innocent-looking belt sent signals to his nervous system, forcing him to move with an exaggeratedly feminine gait, swaying his hips and taking mincing small steps.

Combined with Alicia's post-hypnotic suggestions that made his voice into a giggling sing-song, the whole effect was of a male who would have been happier as a female.

Maybe I would be happier as a female, Hart thought, as he made his way back to the center court, where Alicia awaited him. It would certainly be easier than this half-life I've been living ever since I found out exactly why Alicia said "yes" to our engagement!

Alicia said yes because it had always been her goal to have a feminized hypnotic servant as a husband...and Hart's slender frame, along with his easy susceptibility to her mesmeric charms, had made that goal readily attainable.

She had begun her hypnotic dominance of Hart long before he even knew what her ultimate plans were...on their very first date, in fact. He hadn't realized she was hypnotizing him--and wasn't aware of those early trance sessions until much later--but she'd easily put him under and begun "feminizing" his mind a little at a time.

The earliest part of Heart's hypnotic training (Alicia insisted on that spelling of his name) was subtle, as Alicia put him in a light trance then made him watch her make up her face. All the time, she suggested that watching her use the cosmetics made him aroused, that the smell of the make-up increased that arousal...and that the arousal would be greatly increased if he used them himself.

"That's it, darling, see how carefully I outline my lips," she'd coo, carefully observing as his crotch bulged in response to her suggestions. "Imagine if your lips could be just as red and desirable as mine! See how the mascara makes my eyelashes long and flirty--wouldn't you love to be able to bat your eyes and flirt the same way!?"

After a week of such nightly sessions, Heart had to agree that he wanted to try on her cosmetics. Alicia cooperated by adding a shoulder-length wig and, again, putting him under so that all her previous hypnotic suggestions would be in operation.

Heart carefully applied the make-up as he'd so mesmerically and arousingly watched Alicia apply it, ending with a lavish coating of lip gloss from a brush. The result was exactly what Alicia knew it would be--Heart was a knock-out and was totally enthralled by the idea of looking this beautiful!

But that was far from the end of Heart's hypnotic feminization. Alicia had lots more in mind for her future husband. She bought him a new stereo system for his bedroom...one she had surreptitiously modified to her own purposes. On a timer system, even when apparently turned off, every evening it played a series of subliminal suggestions to Heart's mind:

You want to be pretty; you want to be feminine. The most feminine girls are the most ditzy, the most air-headed. Therefore, you will be a feather-brained bimbo whenever you are in feminine attire. You will giggle, you will simper, you will pout. You will flirt, you will tease--but you will never follow through without my express permission!

That and similar descriptions floated through Heart's thoroughly prepared mind every evening for a month...so that when Alicia first proposed something more than just a make-up session, Heart jumped at the chance to be the air-headed thing she'd been trained to be.

Today's excursion was just the latest in Alicia's sexually humiliating adventures for Heart. The first had occurred just weeks after she had cemented her control over the feminized male. She'd picked out a mildly feminine yet overtly masculine outfit--a white silk shirt with long pointed collar (actually a blouse; it buttoned the "wrong" way) and tight-fitting black slacks that flared just a little too much at the ankle. Heart's shoes were perfectly normal male slip-ons and he wore no makeup and had his hair in a normal male style.

Together they strode through this same mall that day, enjoying each other's company, until Alicia looked directly at Heart and said, "Beauty is as beauty does."

That was the trigger phrase that dropped him into trance...and she deepened it before telling him, "I will shortly order you to open your eyes. When you do, you will act completely normally, but remain in trance. You will obey all my requests as orders."

He nodded in agreement. "Open your eyes." Heart's eyes fluttered open and he continued walking with Alicia, seemingly normal but still completely hypnotized. As they passed a shoe store famed for its wild and sexy styles, Alicia said, "Let's go in here."

The female clerk greeted them and asked, "What can I do for you?"

"A pair of sexy shoes for my friend here," Alicia replied. "Sit down, Heart dear, and let her fit you." Unable to disobey such a request, Heart sat and extended his foot. The clerk giggled when she realized he was wearing nylons over red-polished nails. Having determined his size, she brought out several pairs of shoes--a very bare sandal, an ankle boot, and red patent pumps. All had six-inch heels.

"The pumps, I think," Alicia said, smiling.

"Yes, our classic 'fuck-me' shoes," the clerk noted, grinning. She carefully fitted them to Heart's feet.

"Stand up, darling," Alicia asked, "and walk for me like the sissy you are."

Heart swayed, sashayed, and minced like a girl, perfectly balanced on the stilt-like heels. When the clerk began to package the shoes, Alicia said, "No, she'll wear them."

They proceeded out into the mall, where the sight of the (almost) male-clad man in the red stilettos attracted everyone's attention. Even in her trance, Heart blushed to the roots of her hair. As they reached the center court, Alica snapped her fingers before Heart's eyes...and she stumbled and almost fell as the trance ended and her feminine ability to handle the six-inch heels vanished.

Hart was devastated by the realization of what had gone on...and intensely aroused by it as well. Alicia brushed her hand over his bulging crotch. "The way I see it, darling, you have two choices--you can try to maintain your balance in those shoes as a male, thereby attracting even more attention. Or you can let me put you back into trance as the lovely Heart--you'll still attract attention, I'm sure, but it will be somewhat more positive."

That was the beginning of Heart's fetish for extreme high heels, which was soon joined by a an equally strong fetish for mini-skirts--short, tight, revealing. Over time, they came to be the clothes Heart wore when Alicia didn't demand something else.

But Alicia wanted a method to control and monitor Heart's reactions at all times, so she began to work with electronics that would transmit subliminal messages to her transformed fiancee's mind and permit her to bring him in and out of his feminine persona even at a distance. Her first device was a small metallic implant she placed on his shoulder. Would others see it? She didn't care--she simply imagined the delightful humiliation Heart would undergo in explaining her lover's controls.

A favorite outfit for Heart to wear with this controller was a little black dress that barely covered her ass and revealed her long, slender, shaved legs nearly to her crotch. With it, she wore six-inch slightly blocky heels.

But the final humiliating experience was still to come. A week after Heart's teeny-bopper stroll through the mall, Alicia allowed him to go out in completely male attire...his first such appearance in months. Though Hart was, by now, always aroused by his fiancee's feminizing, hypnotizing tricks, he was glad for the chance to be a normal male for a while--and a bit surprised by it, as well. He suspected Alicia was up to something, but he didn't know what.

He found out what it was when he felt a slight tingling at his shoulder...a sure sign that Alicia had activated the controller. Still completely male in his psyche, Hart discovered that his body seemed to be following a pre-programmed set of instructions. He found himself outside Alicia's favorite beauty salon. He gasped.

Alicia had long teased him with the idea of a complete makeover while he was still male in appearance and persona. He was compelled to enter the shop, all the while feeling his arousal grow. Sure enough, when he went in, there was Alicia, with the shop owner, an overtly gay guy named Maurice. They both smiled conspiratorially. "There he is, Maurice," Alicia announced. "My male lipstick lesbian lover. Make him beautiful for me."

She guided Hart to a prominent chair in the shop and the changes began. By the time it was over, Heart was a platinum blonde with curls piled on the top and back of her head. Her face was a model of feminine beauty, with arched eyebrows, long dark lashes, a pleasant blush, and full deep red lips. As Maurice patted the final touches into place, he spun her around to the mirror...and the electronic controller dropped Heart into trance.

Alicia approached her. "Are you pleased with your appearance, Heart?"

"Yes, Alicia, I'm more beautiful than I ever imagined I could be."

"Would you ever want to be male again? Tell me truthfully, there's no hypnotic compulsion."

"Never, Alicia. I am Heart, your sissy lesbian lover."

With that, Alicia removed the implant and Heart's trance ended. But Heart's female persona did not. The transformation was complete.



Karen Singer said...

It’s amazing how you can continually come up with such great short stories. How do you do it? Every time I write something it’s always epic length.

Out of all the stories you’ve written, do you have any personal favorites?


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Some ideas just seem to write themselves out in a couple of thousand words...if there's any pattern, it's that I try to have one major dressing sequence and a climax (literal and sexual) in every chapter. The longer ones tend to be stories where the point is to come up with several variations on the overall theme of the tale, while short ones exist only to set down a single experience.

Faves? Well, the Stepton stories, of course--but otherwise, I think of them all as my "children".