Monday, July 14, 2008

Sissy Shopping

Yesterday, the whole family went to the mall after seeing a movie (Hellboy II, if you must know); we split up, so I took the opportunity to surreptitiously browse the Payless, where I saw a beautiful pair of beige faux-alligator pumps. Couldn't buy them then, of course.

So, today, after dropping son at work (conveniently near mall), I went back to Payless and bought them. This put me in a shopping mood, so I browsed three of the department stores for anything attractive...and didn't find anything there. Why is so much of the clothes designed for large women so dowdy?

But I recalled a couple of things I saw at my last visit to Burlington Coat Factory, so I went there. Sure enough, those white sandals were still there. I was a little shocked when I tried them on, though--certainly the highest heels I can ever remember wearing, higher even than the black Mary-Jane pumps I bought months ago. I can feel the strain in my calves when I put them on...but I know they are going to make my legs look fantastic!

Speaking of my legs, Burlington also had a blue pin-stripe suit dress...and, for the first time I can remember since I started dressing again, it had a skirt that didn't fall to mid-calf! It's about knee-length, maybe even shorter. I love it. It's an 18 (I usually buy a 20), but I think it will fit since the waist is elastic.

Both of the shoes are slightly smaller than I usually get, as well. Back in my salad days, I wore a size 10. Since getting dressed again, I've been wearing 11s. (I suspect I really need a 10-1/2, but those are almost impossible to find.) I tried on both of these shoes in both sizes, but--although a touch tight--the 10s just felt better. Maybe the tightness appeals to my submissive side?

I'll be dressing tomorrow, and I promise pics.


Anonymous said...

"Why is so much of the clothes designed for large women so dowdy?"

Because aside from the chubby chasers, which are a minority, no one wants to see "large" women in revealing clothes.

I don't know why you took a 30-year hiatus from dressing but it occurs to me that if you had not, you might not have gained as much weight as you have. Continuing you hobby may have actually been better for your health and physique.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I'm not talking about "revealing"--in fact, I avoid a lot of the clothes for large women that emphasize bustlines with low-cut necks, for instance.

I'm talking about, for the most part, skirt length...many large women have attractive legs--why is every skirt mid-calf or lower?

As for my weight--you may be right...but I suspect a lot of the change is a result of a sedentary job. That wouldn't have changed. And I'm not TERRIBLY overweight--perhaps 20 pounds or so; if anything I was underweight as a young man.

Unknown said...

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