Friday, July 25, 2008

The Return of June Cleaver

I'm wearing the summer weight print dress today (as I'd originally planned on Tuesday), with the pretty print pumps. I switched out the cloth tie belt for my wider black leather one...creating, I think, a better waist line.

I also got a darker pair of stockings. I've come to the conclusion my legs look their best in dark hose. One purchase that didn't work out--I bought a waist cincher at Sears...but it's way too small! I couldn't even get it to close around my tummy.

Guess I'm stuck with just "sucking it in".

Pics later today.


Anonymous said...

Dani - depending on which cincher you got at Sears, you may be able to do up all the hooks and then slide it up from your feet. If it stretches enough to go around you, great. If not, then take it back. But that's WAY easier than trying to wrap it around you and hook all those little eyelets.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I tried that. I've done it successfully with other "shapewear" I have, but I couldn't even get this one over my hips doing that.

It was supposed to be a "large" (a size that has fit in other brands), too.

I wanted to try this particular one because it seemed to have much stronger boning than the others I've used.